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About Kalsubai Peak.

The highest peak of Maharashtra, the Kalsubai peak is situated in the Sahyadri region. This peak is known for the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise.

Kalsubai Peak

Suitable for both day and night Kalsubai peak is very popular among adventure and nature lovers. Just a weekend plan or a short trip will be enough to embrace the beauty of this peak and all the other hills nearby.

Scenic beauty is yet another unmissed factor to visit this peak. Lush greenery, hills, forts, and whatnot are the major elements that make this place an offbeat destination.

Aim to climb to the top of this peak or other people who just love to walk will love the surroundings. The surroundings also include some parts of the human settlements. The local settlements near the hills are basically the starting point of any trek and are also full of people.

Small huts or Dhabbas and farmlands along with grasslands are found there.  For some quick rest times, these small spots in and around the hills are proved to be very essential for trekkers. The Kalsubai peak can be easily reached after a moderate level trek of about 6 to 7 km with some resting spots in between.

This peak is highly voted to be the best trekking destination during monsoon. Because of the green lavish surroundings growing and cleaning during monsoon are just the purest things to see. Kalsubai peak is an offbeat destination from Mumbai and Pune and is very easily accessible for enthusiastic tourists.

The enthusiasm will be polished here when the trekkers add the visit to the several amazing forts nearby the peak which is also worth the visit. The forts are Harshichandragarh, Harihargard, Ratangard, and Alang-Madan-Kulang forts among others which are worth the visit and are also visible from the peak itself.

About Kalsubai Trek

The highest peak i.e of an altitude of 5,400ft stands arrogantly in the state of Maharashtra. Kalsubai trek holds no time limit, trek during sunset or before it the peak won’t judge.

The beauty of this trek is the scenic surrounding of numerous hills, forts, grasslands, and others. The total trekking distance is only 12km and hardly takes the whole day. The trek is a very fun and interesting thing to do.

Starting from the base village of Bari, the walking is joyous. The vast spread of grasslands and farmlands are very refreshing that will push all the pollution away.

Bari village is just a very small introduction to the trek will endless natural beauty awe spring views. Trekking from there for a couple of hours and embrace the beauty of rice and wheat farmlands.

The picturesque surrounding of the village is beautiful and very picturesque. From the villages, start the trek a little upwards. The upward steep path will give the real feel of being a trekker.

Surrounded by trees and rocks, the trail is exciting and lavishing. During this trek, trekkers will notice a beautiful local temple of deity for some rest and scenic view. The other section of the trek holds an exciting surprise for the thrill-seekers.

In the Ladder section, the iron steps are the next level or the halfway of the trek. The upward steps of this ladder get more slushy during winters and quite adventures really.

Strong winds and water drops during monsoon and pre-monsoon times are the natural factors in adding this trek to the adventurous treks of India list. The peak might be visible at the end of the ladder with some more majestic views of nearby hills and forts.

The mountain views from and around the Kalsubai peak will make a  permanent canvas in the memory book of the tourists. After inhaling the complete view, prepare for the trek downwards to the base village. It might take another few hours through the same trail altogether with all the same spirit of fun and excitement.

How to reach         

This offbeat destination of Maharashtra is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune, below are the details. Bhandardara is the base spot for tourists opting for public transportation or private vehicles. Taxis or buses are available with the rush seasons from Mumbai and any other city of Maharashtra.

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