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All about Ladakh tours 2 minutes.

Influenced by Buddhist culture, it is also famous for some beautiful monasteries.

Ladakh tours

Plan a group tour with your gang and experience the unexpected. Snow-peaked mountains, frozen lakes, exciting tails are the major attractions for the tourists to visit Ladakh over again. Here, we have some perfect Ladakh group tours with many exotic destinations covered along with mystical trekking or hiking spots.

  1. Group tour till Siachen

Duration: 7 days

Things to do: Trekking, camping, hiking, and bonfire

Take an exquisite opportunity to get rejuvenated in the beauty of Ladakh along with the second-largest glacier in the world, Siachen. The unexpected feature of this tour is the natural colorful beauty in the form of valleys, floras, and faunas.

During this group tour, one can also roam around and take a glimpse of Ladakh and Siachen. Either enjoy the serene beauty of the glacier and Ladakh or opt for adventurous activities like trekking, camping, or hiking. Visit and spend time at the Siachen base camp for a panoramic view of the valley.

  • Ladakh group tour with Pangong lake

Duration: 5 Days

Things to do: Sightseeing, rafting, and exploring the local

A perfect destination in Ladakh for any type of group tour to Ladakh. Along with monasteries insight and many breathtaking views are the promised in this group tour. Spot the mighty Indus River and visit the magnetic hill, Khardung La pass, and many other places.

Explore the beauty of Pangong Lake along with the famous school spot that will surely remind the famous movie scene. Enjoy the famous food in the total indigenous style and collect souvenirs for life.

  • Ladakh group tour with Tso Moriri

Duration: 8days

Things to do: Sightseeing

Starting from Leh this group tour is perfect for any type of activity desired by tourists. The tour with Tso Moriri or the ‘mountain lake’ feels like out of the world.

During the tour visit the famous Hall of flames, the Magnetic hill, Shanti Stupa, the royal Leh palace, and many Buddhist sites. Do visit the amazing statue of Buddha at Spituk Gomka along with other factors that are unknown to the rest of the world.

The blue lake water of Tso Moriri is a hidden gem and can also be a good place to visit either by a bike ride or camel ride. A walk near the clean river of Tso Moriri, one will find peace of all time and a clean environment. This group tour will bring forward the beauty of Ladakh.

  • Ladakh group tour with camping

Duration: 7 days

Things to do: Sightseeing and camping

Starting from Leh, this group tour takes the tourists through the beauty of Ladakh which makes it famous. Through various natural wonders and various man-made sites. Visit the sand dune of Hundar and the famous Nubra valley.

Experience the rejuvenating camping under the clear sky of Ladakh and enjoy stargazing at night. Other known and famous places can also be covered in this tour like the Ladakh hall of fame, Leh palace, Magnetic hills, Spituk Gompa, and many more.

Capture the view of might Indus River or Zanskar River in your mind and camera forever. The scenic beauty of the Himalayan ranges is just hard to miss. The Himalayan ranges and the valleys are the magic of Ladakh and are the hosts at every step of this place.

  • Bike group tour in Ladakh

Duration: 6 days

Things to do: Sightseeing and bike rides

Whenever we think about Ladakh we always plan for exciting long bike trips and road trips. No matter what corner of the world we will think of but the first image that comes to mind is the bike rides in the exotic Ladakh.

In this group tour, the dream will come true. Opt for a bike group tour with your gang. Experience the perfect view of Chang La pass and the Khardungla Pass, and that will leave an unforgettable site.

When touring in Ladakh with a gang and on bikes then do not miss all the other natural landscapes here including wildflowers and several lakes.

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