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Best Locations for trekking in Pune.

The must-visit trekking places in Pune in Maharashtra are the place you can select for people seeking an adventurous experience. This city is the most famous place for people. One of the reasons why people have chosen Pune as a trekking place is its attractive sceneries and beautiful surroundings.

Tourists from around the world come to Pune for a journey of adventure. A vigorous, fascinating Pune rules his elegance, harmony, spiritualism, and excitement over the hearts. India is proud of its modern lifestyle and of its traditional culture.

The Maratha Raja Shivaji’s greatest combatant and fighter is still living in Pune’s winds, which demonstrates that this city’s history is nothing but an educational lesson. No one cannot overlook the waterfalls streaming from the enormous mountains and the location that is already mixed in the winds.

The life of this lovely place from the film city to the hills reflects everything. Young people like to go hiking in the places of Pune. Mountain Sahyadri in Pune is renowned for its trekking and for its unforgettable strongholds.

How can’t you pick this spot to have the good vibes of nature for your weekend? The green town that links people and natural beauty to the spirits of this city so that they can witness the presence of some mystical energies. The nearby places of Pune where people can trek to enjoy this living beauty.

1. Rajmachi Fort Trek

The most thrilling trekking route can be the Trekking of Rajmanchi Fort (2,710ft), which is 75km from Pune. This beautiful place boasts greenery, temples, waterfalls, and grottoes. This trek is not hard because it took only four to five hours, but one of Pune’s best trekking locations.

2. Lohgad Fort Trek

If you want to hike one day in Pune, this is the right option. The trip takes only two and a half hours. With the excellent surroundings of this town, the monsoon season looks better. It’s approximately 70km from Pune to this location.

3. Visapur Fort Trek

This is what people call a Lohgad Fort twin. It’s more thrilling and adventurous because it is higher and larger than its brother. 70 kilometers from Pune, this location is surrounded by magical ascents and water troughs.

4. Andharban Trek

Andharban should be your next walking destination, in the dark jungle, seeking itineraries, between the valleys and a few ghats. It sounds as though you are named by adventures. There can be many things to discover. You can be crazy with the panorama of the mountains and the ghats and valleys. There are wonderful things that you can explore. This trekking location is ideal for you if you are a true trekking sport.

5. Tikona Fort Trek

Tikona Fort is one of the most beautiful trekking sights in Pune and is also known as Vitangad Fort. The excellent entrance is the center of attraction with magical architecture. The lovely lakes and the enormous cellars are on their way. Although it’s not easy when you hit the top, the highest levels of beauty are incredible to experience.

6. Rajgad Fort Trek

The fort of Rajgad, at 4,182 feet in height, is nothing short of marvel because it is a King of the Fortresses. This divine beauty is worthy about forty kilometers away from Pune. The starting point for the trek is a lovely village called Gunjavne. Besides, the main sources of attraction are delicious food and kilometers.

7. Torna Fort Trek

Pune’s largest fort, surrounded by smooth greenery and wildflowers, is one of the quietest/major trekking areas in Pune for adventurers. The fort is 60 kilometers from Pune and the vibrations are strong.

8. Duke’s Nose Trek

This location is different from the others. The breathtaking view is fascinating from the top of the cliff. The temple Mahadeva, the most divine place there, can be also visited. People like to rip and climb to do something exciting.

9. Raigad Trek

Raigad Trek can be named the city of Chatrapati Shivaji, full of bravery and elegance. This is the perfect location for beginners because it’s not complicated. The landscapes of the mountains and the mountain season are the deadly combination for this view.

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