Catering Insurance: What do you Really Need?

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Catering businesses are subject to numerous dangers, which you can safeguard yourself from by having the right insurance policy for your business. Public and product liability is crucial all the time, but there are additional business insurance policies you may require in addition. Here’s what you should be aware of regarding catering insurance to protect yourself and your company.

Types of Catering Insurance

The requirements for insurance differ between businesses. When it comes to insurance, there are many options available which catering businesses often require. Below, we will discuss them and provide some examples of how different kinds of cover function.

1. Public and Product Liability Insurance for a Catering Business

Public Liability/product coverage for liability in catering businesses protects financial claims from people in the public (e.g., the customer or someone who eats your food, etc.) for sickness or injuries they deem to have been caused by you.  The insurance can be used to pay the cost of compensation if you are sued. The UK market typically sells Catering Liability Insurance for a minimum of £5 million limit; however, this can be increased to £10 million, dependent on the requirements of the authorities issuing the catering permits or hosting the events.

2. Employers’ Liability Insurance for a Catering Business

Employers Insurance for Liability is mandatory by law for any catering establishment with employees, no matter if they are working part-time or only occasionally. The type of insurance that businesses purchase protects you from legal costs and settlement of claims if the employee files a lawsuit against you due to an injury or illness at work. The cost of liability for employers can either be determined by how many employees you have or the turnover of your business, dependent on the insurance policy purchased.

3. Stock Insurance for a Catering Business

Your Catering Liability Insurance can also be extended to include stock cover.  This extension covers the damage or loss to the food that your catering company sells. Stock cover may even protect food from spoilage because of a freezer problem. Like all of the coverages listed on this page, the actual coverage can vary between companies, therefore be sure to read the conditions before signing for the cover.

Mobile Catering Businesses

If you operate your own mobile catering company, you’ll also require an insurance policy for your caterer’s van and/or trailer, in addition to any other insurance policies for business that we’ve mentioned previously. Mobile catering vehicle and trailer insurance policies does not only offer traditional assurances (e.g., complete vehicle insurance) it also protects the permanent equipment and fittings within it against accidental damage caused by a motor accident, theft, attempted theft and fire.

Mobile caterers have greater requirements than traditional insurance for vehicles, so will need specialist catering van insurance.  Vehicle types covered by this specialist catering van insurance are:

  • Mobile Catering Vans & Trailers
    • Hot Food Vans & Trailers
    • Coffee Vans, Trailers and Cars
    • Smoothie Vans & Trailers
    • Fish and Chip Vans & Trailers
    • Burger Vans & Trailers
    • Catering trailers
    • Concession Vans & Trailers
    • Sandwich vans
    • Pizza trucks & Trailers
    • etc.

Because mobile catering services are more to fire and theft so getting the service insured is one of the wisest decisions that you can make. Thus, only when you are about to climb the ladder of success, let nothing pull you down and keep your mobile business protected under a catering insurance policy.

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