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Things You Must Know About Residential Solar Power in New Orleans, Louisiana

Before making your final decision on buying a solar panel system it will be wise to know more about it. This way you know what to expect and you will understand more about solar power even before having one installed in your home. Residential solar power in Louisiana is being offered by many solar providers and you can check the ones nearest you to get more information about the details you need. 

Is New Orleans Good for Solar?

Yes, New Orleans summer days are too hot and this is a good time to gather energy from the sun, not only during summertime but also during other seasons of the year. More and more residents in New Orleans are shifting to solar energy usage because of the benefits they can get from it. 

What Do You Need to Know Before Getting Solar?

Know the Process

Before getting one it will be good to know the process so you can prepare the necessary documents needed. Plus you know how long the processing time will be. Here is how the installation is done:

  1. Inspection of the Area

Before they start installing anything they have to check the area and your roof if it can hold the solar panels. Most solar panels are installed on the roof, so checking the structure of our roof is relevant.

  1. Building the Solar Mounts

They have to make scaffoldings so they can access your roof one scaffoldings are erected the mounting of the solar mounts follows. Structures are built, where solar angels can be connected. Since 18 to 36 degrees is needed in mounting solar panels, solar mounts are positioned at that angle. 

  1. Installing the Solar Panel

Solar panels are positioned according to the solar mount position. They are fastened by bolts and nuts to keep them secured in place. 

  1. Wire Connections 

Solar panels are connected using wires and also connected to their components using connectors and wires. When wirings are done all power should be turned off. 

  1. Solar Inverters are Installed

 To make the energy collected from the sun usable an inverter is needed. The solar inverter converts the direct current to alternating current, which is the usable form of energy. 

  1. Connecting Inverters to Consumer Unit 

To be able to use the energy collected from the solar panel the solar inverter is connected to the consumer unit. 

Compare Offers

Checking quotations from different solar providers can make you decide who gives the best offers and pricing. Another thing to check apart from the prices is the brand and quality of the solar panels. Some may offer lower prices but lower solar panel quality too. 

Know the Benefits

Knowing what solar energy can give you before getting one installed in your home can be a wise move. There are many benefits and these include:

  • Lower electricity bills 

Since you will be using solar energy as your source of electricity then your consumption of electricity from the grid will be lower. If you can afford to have enough solar panels to support the full energy needs of your home then zero electricity bills can be possible!

  • More environmentally Friendly energy Source 

You can contribute to lessening the carbon footprints in the environment once you shift to renewable energy sources. 

  • Higher Home Market Value

Homes in Louisiana that have solar panel installation can have an additional amount of $15,000! On their home market value, just in case they decide to sell their homes. 

Know the Payment Options 

The upfront cost of solar panels is high, that’s why most people are hesitant to get one. However there are several payment options offered by solar providers in Louisiana, some have partners who can offer financial loans to those who want to avail themselves of one and there are more other options you can ask your solar provider. 

Are solar panels legal in New Orleans?

Solar panel companies have to be accredited before they can engage in business. Since solar energy usage is supported by Orleans they make sure to give permits and licenses to those who are qualified to sell and install solar panels. 

Having ideas on the things you must know about solar power in Louisiana can lead you in finding the best solar provider and get a good deal for your solar panel installation. 

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